Clean Ocean Action
An Albatross is pictured with a belly full of plastics. The Albatross lives his life primarily at sea and has become the poster child of plastic injestion. Photo courtesy of C. Fackler.

Resources for Educators

Following are a list of curricula and activities designed for teachers wishing to integrate environmental education into their classrooms. All resources are free unless otherwise specified.


Click on the topic you're interested in to be linked to resources about it.   


Marine Debris  




Reuse of Garbage






Watersheds/Non-point Source Pollution


Oil Pollution


Suggestions for School Projects


If you have suggestions for lesson plans or activities not included on this page, please email us and let us know. You can also register for additional materials as part of COA's Virtual Teach-In

Marine debris pollutes the Normandy Beach shoreline during a garbage slick in 2007.
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