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COA does not go door-to-door. We do not solicit funds or signatures, or distribute information through canvassing. If you have questions or concerns, COA suggests contacting your town administrator. Please further note that Clean Ocean Action has no financial affiliation with the organization called Clean Water Action (formerly known as NJ Environmental Federation) or any other canvassing organization.

At long last, New Jersey now has the strongest, most comprehensive law in the United States to reduce single-use waste, including harmful plastic items. Clean Ocean Action (COA) thanks NJ Governor Murphy for signing the bill into law today.

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NJ Assembly Members Houghtaling (NJ-11) and Downey (NJ-11) introduced a statewide bill to prohibit the intentional outdoor release of balloons, and to minimize accidental release. Balloons are festive and fun, but released outdoors they can be lethal to birds, turtles, whales, and many others. Balloons litter our ocean and are one of the most lethal forms of marine debris.

Support A4322 by signing the petition! COA is not anti-balloon, just anti-balloon litter, and want to protect marine life from this harmful, painful, and senseless threat.


Over 4,000 volunteers gathered at 45 New Jersey beaches and waterways to remove harmful debris at COA's 35th Annual Fall Beach Sweeps. Learn more

To view data presented in the 2019 Beach Sweeps Report, click here.

To view COA's "Litter Assessment along the Delaware River" Report, click here.

Offshore Wind

Click here to learn more about Offshore Wind Energy Development Off NY/NJ.


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