Clean Ocean Action

For almost 30 years, Clean Ocean Action has been working to protect the New York/New Jersey Bight from pollution.  Read more here on our successful campaigns, educational programs, long-running beach sweeps, and about how you can help support our work. 

In 1985, 75 volunteers gathered at Sandy Hook for the first Beach Sweep with hopes to rid the beaches of unsightly and harmful debris.   

26 years later, the Beach Sweeps program has expanded to 72 locations along New Jersey's coastline, as well as inland rivers, lakes, bayshores, and streams, bringing together thousands of volunteers in service to their communities. 

Each participant becomes a 'citizen scientist' as they collect and record each piece of debris -- and those records turn a one-day event into a legacy of information that is used to identify sources of pollution and monitor trends.  Clean Ocean Action submits the data collected by volunteers to The Ocean Conservancy, to be included in their International Coastal Cleanup Report. 

Beach Sweeps take place each April and October.  Join us as we put hands in the sand and feet on the beach!

18 Hartshorne Drive, Suite 2
Highlands, NJ 07732
Voice: (732) 872-0111
FAX: (732) 872-8041

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