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The Marine Debris Internship with Clean Ocean Action (COA) is an exciting opportunity for a student to help address the environmental impacts from pollution and address sea level rise. The internship brings together interests in environmental education, science, public policy, and citizen action.  The intern will assist with the Corporate Beach Sweeps and Blue Star programs, as well as assist with the statewide Beach Sweeps program and a microplastic research project. The Marine Debris intern will gain experience in education, event coordination, research, public speaking, writing, and organizing. 


COA’s Corporate Beach Sweeps Programs are hands-on, environmental awareness, and team building “get-away retreats” with employees from businesses (including those in the Fortune 500 list).  Corporations and businesses choose from two separate Corporate Summer Programs which include the Beach Sweeps and the Scavenger Hunt.  Beach Sweep participants clean marine debris from beaches at Sandy Hook, find out how and why litter ends-up on the beaches, and learn solutions to prevent pollution.  The Scavenger Hunt is a “spin-off” of the signature Beach Sweep program and inspires participants to find specific debris, build sculptures, and talk about the harmful impacts of marine debris. COA’s Corporate Beach Sweeps take place at least once a week from May until October at Sandy Hook. 


In 2014, Clean Ocean Action launched a coastal water quality initiative, the Municipal Blue Star Program, in collaboration with Sustainable Jersey.  The goal of the Blue Star program is to inspire coastal towns to obtain the benefits of Sustainable Jersey Certification while at the same time leveraging local initiatives that enhance water quality and coastal resiliency. 


The summer 2014 Marine Debris <st1:personname w:st="on">Intern</st1:personname> will be responsible for assisting in the organization and coordination of the Corporate Beach Sweeps program along with pre-planning other educational programs. Specifically, the intern will:



  • Handle the logistics of the Corporate Beach Sweep Program
    • Attend all Corporate Beach Sweeps
    • Organize the logistics and pre-event details of the Corporate Summer Programs (i.e. lunch, transportation, bathroom access, and refreshments).
    • Educate and motivate Beach Sweeps and Scavenger Hunt volunteers on site
    • Create flyers and other printed materials to promote the program
    • Give the educational overview and lead a Corporate Sweeps and Scavenger Hunt at the intern’s last event
    • Update data information after each Corporate Sweep, as well as send report and photos to each company
    • Produce a Report on the data collected from all the Corporate Beach Sweeps over the course of the summer, and a report from the Scavenger Hunts over the summer



  • Assist the Education Coordinator and Coastal Programs Coordinator with implementation of the Blue Star Program
    • Reach out to interested towns
    • Develop an online framework for the program



  • Assist the Education Coordinator with other education programs
    • Enhance already established education programs, which include, but are not limited to, creating and updating material (i.e. brochures and reports)
    • Reach out to potential new contacts
    • Begin planning for the Fall Beach Sweeps, Student Summit, and Student Ocean Advocates
    • Implementation of Wreck Pond Pals
    • Microplastic research 


For more details, and info on how to apply, click here.

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