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Suggestions for School Projects for Litter Control

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1. Have an anti-litter assembly in the spring and in the fall to make the student body aware of the need to keep its school clean. Speakers can be recruited from the local community. Invite:

  • A representative from your local Fire Department to explain how litter is a fire hazard
  • A Public Health Department official to discuss litter as a health hazard
  • An official from your Streets & Highways Department to tell how much it costs to clean up litter
  • A representative from your municipality’s Clean Communities Program (or equivalent) to discuss what action is being taken locally to combat litter
  • A representative from a community or environmental organization whose mission includes litter reduction.

2. In elementary school, organize a litter patrol to inspect each classroom and the school grounds for litter.


3. Have a poster contest in which students make their own anti-litter signs. Post the signs throughout the school to remind students not to litter.


4. Hold a litter art show. Use discarded items such as orange juice cans, paper milk cartons, etc. to make pencil holders, mobiles and bookends.


5. Have a litter exhibit at your school library.


6. Sponsor a “Don’t be a Litterbug” week as part of your student government’s charity drive; have litter “fines” contributed to your favorite charity.


7. Make sure there are an adequate number of trashcans outside in lounge areas and parking lots; ask your custodial staff to empty them regularly.


8. Designate a box or trashcan to be used for recycling.


9. Organize a “Take the Pledge” program to encourage the community to pledge against litter. Step-by-step instructions for organizing this program may be found at:                


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