Clean Ocean Action

Feedback from Past Student Summit Participants:


What was your favorite activity at the Student Summit?

"The touch tank activity and the horseshoe crab activities were my favorite because I really enjoyed describing, touching, and observing, along with measuring the marine animals."

"My favorite activity was the field study. We fished with a net and tried to identify what we caught."

"The invertebrate lab because you got to touch and hold animals."


How will you use the information you learned at the Student Summit in the future?

"I will not litter, especially not plastic, and I will help keep the environment (beach) safe, and I will not be afraid of horseshoe crabs anymore!"

"We can help make the ocean and beach cleaner so then all of the wildlife can survive."

"I'll make sure that when I am older, I don't fertilize the lawn before it rains otherwise it will wash away."


What was the most important thing you learned at the Student Summit?

"That people hurt the animals and destroy the beaches by being careless."

"I learned how long it takes for each piece of trash to decompose."

"How the animals that live in the ocean or on the beach are in danger because of our littering."


What is non-point source pollution?

"NPS pollution is the sum total of all the "small" or "unimportant" pollutants that people contribute (usually unknowingly) in everyday life. NPS may include litter, oil spilled in a driveway or on the street, pet wastes, etc."

"Pollution that is thrown on the ground of a watershed and when it rains all the small pollution is washed into the nearest body of water."

"Pollution that could have been stopped if everyone just tried a little harder to clean up."


Feedback from a teacher...

“The program gave my students a good hands on feel for the wonderful treasures that the New Jersey Shore has to offer. Each student left the program asking questions about the marine environment and how they can help protect it for future generations.” 


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