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COA does not go door-to-door. We do not solicit funds or signatures, or distribute information through canvassing. If you have questions or concerns, COA suggests contacting your town administrator. Please further note that Clean Ocean Action has no financial affiliation with the organization called Clean Water Action (formerly known as NJ Environmental Federation) or any other canvassing organization.

Waves of thanks, Beach Sweeps Volunteers!

Over 4,000 volunteers participated in COA's 36th Annual Fall Beach Sweeps on Saturday, October 23 at 70 locations statewide. Each piece of debris that was combed from the sand, categorized, and diligently counted by volunteer citizen scientists contributes to a legacy of information that Clean Ocean Action uses to advance policies and initiatives that reduce litter at the source.

Save the date for the next Beach Sweeps on Saturday, April 9, 2022!

The data from the 2021 Beach Sweeps will be compiled and published in an annual report, to be released in April 2022. View past years' Beach Sweeps Annual Reports to learn more about marine debris and nonpoint source pollution.


Offshore Wind Off
the NY/NJ Coast

Responsible & Reasonable Offshore Wind is a Climate Change Solution

But...The Ocean is at Risk from

Over 1 MILLION ACRES of open, public ocean slated for offshore wind:

  • 425,000 acres of ocean already have been sold and leased to private offshore wind developers
  • 800,000 additional acres of ocean are FOR SALE for massive industrialization
  • Offshore wind decades away; Climate change reducing action needed now on land


Map: Black ocean areas already sold and leased to offshore wind developers; Green ocean areas proposed for sale; Map Credit: BOEM


Thank You for Supporting Clean Ocean at the 2021 COA Surf Open!

Robert Siliato Photography

Thank you for joining us to support all the awesome contestants at the 2021 COA Surf Open, which was held at Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park in Long Branch, NJ on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th.

The contest ran from 8:00AM to approximately 6PM with an award ceremony immediately following on the beach.

Thank you so much to our 2021 Sponsors



Thank you to all who participated in this year's "Run the Hook"! It was a beautiful day with over 1,200 runners! 

Waves of thanks to our board member Joey Garofalo and Beacon Events for putting on such a great event!


See dead fish in local waterways or on beaches?

Report your observations and photos of the scene to the NJDEP Hotline at 1-877-927-6337, and to Clean Ocean Action at

Clean Ocean Action is following-up with NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) regarding recent observations of dead fish on beaches in the Raritan Bay and Toms River area as well as Wildwood Crest. Dead fish on the beaches of Wildwood Crest were reported by Scott Fallon at The Bergen Record on September 1. Thanks to NBC's Brian Thompson for alerting Clean Ocean Action to this report!

Earlier in the week of August 30, 2021, Clean Ocean Action observed similar dead fish in the Toms River area during our water quality field visits. Visual observations suggested that those in the Toms River are Atlantic Menhaden and exhibited symptoms similar to the dead fish observed during the massive die-off in the Two Rivers area in Monmouth County in Spring 2021 (that die-off was caused by Vibrio anguilarum bacterial infection). Clean Ocean Action is in communication with NJDEP officials who are working to determine if these recent incidents are related to vibrio-infected die-offs or attributed to any other causes. 

Click here for information on the Rally for the Two Rivers and the Spring fish die-off,


Williams Transco’s Un-‘NESE’-sary Dirty Methane Gas Pipeline Project
Returns to Threaten Land and Sea  

Learn more here


Take Action to Help Reduce Plastic Pollution!

Want to See Less Plastic in the Ocean and on Beaches?

Support the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act

Click here to find out how!


Support a Ban on Balloon Releases

NJ Assembly Members Houghtaling (NJ-11) and Downey (NJ-11) introduced a statewide bill to prohibit the intentional outdoor release of balloons, and to minimize accidental release. Balloons are festive and fun, but released outdoors they can be lethal to birds, turtles, whales, and many others. Balloons litter our ocean and are one of the most lethal forms of marine debris.

Support A4322 by signing the petition! COA is not anti-balloon, just anti-balloon litter, and want to protect marine life from this harmful, painful, and senseless threat. Read the Press Release


Clean Ocean Action’s virtual EcoGuide for students, teachers, and families is now live! Published in previous years to promote the eco-friendly enjoyment of the Jersey Shore, COA has now taken this mission virtual so that it can be accomplished on-the-go. This comprehensive tool serves as a fun database of the best ways to enjoy marine ecosystems while also protecting them. This includes eco-friendly activities for all ages, educational information on issues that COA addresses, and tips on the best places to appreciate nature in NJ.

The EcoGuide is made possible thanks to generous support from the Marta Heflin Foundation.

Find the EcoGuide linked below, ready for mobile or computer use. The EcoGuide functions on mobile devices most efficiently through the “Google Slides” app, but can also be opened on any internet browser.


For Best Use of the EcoGuide:

On mobile phone

  • Download the “Google Slides” or the “Google Drive” app
  • When you click the EcoGuide link, open it in one of those apps
  • Turn your phone horizontally for easiest viewing

On desktop or laptop

  • Once the link is opened, click “present” in the upper right-hand corner to view full screen and functionality

To use while offline

  • Open the EcoGuide while online, then click “download” and download as a pdf to save for use while offline


Clean Ocean Action Making Waves

View our new Annual Report.



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