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COA does not go door-to-door. We do not solicit funds or signatures, or distribute information through canvassing. If you have questions or concerns, COA suggests contacting your town administrator. Please further note that Clean Ocean Action has no financial affiliation with the organization called Clean Water Action (formerly known as NJ Environmental Federation) or any other canvassing organization.

Join COA in saluting NJ Assembly Members Houghtaling (NJ-11) and Downey (NJ-11) for introducing a statewide bill today to prohibit the intentional outdoor release of balloons, and to minimize accidental release. Balloons are festive and fun, but released outdoors they can be lethal to birds, turtles, whales, and many others. Balloons litter our ocean and are one of the most lethal forms of marine debris. In fact, 70,055 balloons were removed from NJ beaches by volunteers on just 40 days during the 20-year period (1999-2019) of COA's biannual Beach Sweeps! Also, a recent study in the journal Marine Policy ranks balloons as #3 of the 20 deadliest forms of trash in the ocean.

Let’s get this bill popping! Support A4322 by signing the petition! COA is not anti-balloon, just anti-balloon litter, and want to protect marine life from this harmful, painful, and senseless threat.

Read below message from COA's Board of Trustees:

“The ocean brings the world together and a healthy ocean sustains life on earth for all people. Clean Ocean Action stands against racial, social, and economic injustice and will work to ensure our mission is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. These are not words but actions that truly bind humanity together and are at the core of a sustainable livable world. For COA, this is a mindset that works to ensure that these values are enhanced by our mission.”

Clean Ocean Action’s Offshore Wind Policy Stance

Overarching Policy: To ensure the environmentally sustainable development of Offshore Wind in the New York/ New Jersey Bight.

Read Clean Ocean Action Offshore Wind Policy Stance.


Governor Murphy Denies All NESE Permits

“NESE is finally dead in the water! Three cheers for the hard work of the coalition on both sides of the ocean in the NY/NJ region, and the thousands of citizens who rallied to stop NESE,” said Cindy Zipf, Executive Director of Clean Ocean Action. “We salute NJ Governor Murphy and the NJDEP for recognizing that this project would have devastated the environment, and is and will always be UN-NESE-SARY!”

Following NY’s denial of all permits for the Northeast Supply Enhancement pipeline project (NESE), NJ also denied all permits for the proposed project.

Read the Press Statement on NJ Gov. Murphy's Denial of All NESE Permits

View the NJDEP Letter Denying NESE Permits

Read the Press Release on NY Gov. Cuomo's NESE Denial

COA’s Policy Attorney Peter Blair, Esq.testified virtually before the NJ Senate Environment and Energy Committee on Senate Bill No. 2515, which would create recycled content requirements for several items sold in the state (i.e., plastic containers, glass containers, paper carryout bags, reusable carryout bags made of plastic film, and plastic trash bags). This legislation will help ensure the development of a market for post-consumer recycled content, and thereby limit the need for newly produced plastic and help ensure more plastic is routed to recycling centers, and not the ocean.

While COA is encouraged by and supports this legislation, we strongly advocate that it be a part of a legislative package that includes other plastic reduction measures. This legislation is a needed step that will make recycling more meaningful in New Jersey and help increase the public’s level of trust in the process of recycling.  Read COA’s testimony.


Clean Ocean Action’s annual Ocean Celebration on November 13, 2020 will be themed in honor of the Beach Sweeps program. Please Save the Date! The beautiful artwork by Stella Ryan was made from pieces of litter collected during Beach Sweeps.

 Over 7 Million Reasons to Salute Beach Sweeps

COA's 2019 Beach Sweeps Report highlights: the cumulative items removed over the past 34 years of Beach Sweeps -- an astonishing 7,239,232!


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