Clean Ocean Action

Social Media Users Policy

By interacting on Clean Ocean Action’s social media pages, you agree to: 

  • Be respectful. 

  • For example, you agree to not insult, harass, bully, or threaten other users. 

  • Not misrepresent, misstate, or distort Clean Ocean Action’s messaging, goals, or position.  

  • Not post or upload content that is unrelated to the post. 

  • This includes continuing to comment and having conversations in the comments that fail to serve a point of educational or informational value.  

  • Not to post or upload content that is offensive, inflammatory, or provocative, including swearing, obscene or vulgar comments. 

  • This includes insulting other commentors, whether by text, visuals, or emojis, or using sarcasm to demean others. 

  • Not use language that is discriminatory, hateful, or violent towards identifiable groups or that incites others to discriminate, practice hate or violence. 

  • Not post or upload content that breaks the law nor encourage others to do so. This includes defamation, breaching privacy, breaching another person’s intellectual property rights such as copyright, condoning illegal activity and contempt of court. 

  • Not post personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or other online contact details relating either to you or other individuals. 

  • Not impersonate or falsely claim to represent a person or an organization. 

  • Not make any commercial endorsement or promotional of any product, organization, service, or publication. 

  • Abide by the Terms of Use for the company hosting the site. 


Failing to abide by these rules, COA will take action through means such as: 

  • Removing comments. 

  • Requesting to halt a conversation that is failing to serve educational or informational purposes.  

  • If the conversation continues without such purposes, the comment thread will be removed. 

  • Reporting accounts to the hosting site. 

  • Blocking accounts. This is especially the case for repeated offenders and for extreme cases. 

The implementation of this policy is at the sole discretion of Clean Ocean Action employees.  


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