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Energy issues have catapulted to the top of public debate and galvanized the nation.  The need to become more energy independent and efficient is a major talking point these days.  At the same time, the effects of global climate change are apparent, including melting of glaciers and ice caps, sea level rise, ocean acidification, and dramatic swings in weather.  Consequently, the need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions is also at center stage. 

More and more energy facilities are being proposed off the New Jersey and New York coasts.  From new fossil fuel facilities -- such as ports for liquefied natural gas (LNG) and offshore oil and gas drilling -- to renewable energy facilities like offshore wind.  

Clean Ocean Action is researching the proposed facilities and ideas to assess potential impacts of energy facilities to the ocean.  The offshore region is within the public's trust and facilities are suject to substantially different environmental hazards and impacts than land-based developments.  Therefore, government regulations, that are clear, consistent, and protective, are necessary to minimize risks and damages to the public and the environment. 

Clean Ocean Action promotes efficiency, conservation, and rewewables as sound,  sustainable energy solutions.

For more on COA's energy advocacy check out COA's Blog.


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