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In 2008, 5,163volunteers collected 289,976 pieces of debris from 63 locations during the combined Spring and Fall cleanups. As a result, an estimated 36,041 pounds of debris was removed from the Jersey's shore and waterways.


The report also indicated that the Top 8 most common pieces of debris found during the Beach Sweeps are the same as the Top 8 in 2007. Overall, plastic items top the list, and cigarette filters hold strong as the #1 piece of garbage found-3,881 more than 2007.


The "2008 Roster of the Ridiculous," which lists the most unusual items found, include: 1977 Bradley Beach badge in Point Pleasant, a Canoe, bottle of Holy Water, $20 Bill, beer keg, Whole Jar of mayonnaise, containers from Asia, a refrigerator door, a vacuum, a ship brace from an old ship, a high chair, and 500 pounds of lumber.

Review or Download the 2008 Annual Beach Sweeps Report (click on link; requires Adobe Acrobat):


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