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Clean Ocean Advocate, November 2004

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Dredged Material Decon: Bayshore Recycling Corp.

COA and NY/NJ Baykeeper responded to a public notice by the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) to allow Bayshore Recycling Corp. of Woodbridge, NJ, to host a pilot project testing the effectiveness of several different dredged material decontamination technologies.  The permit involves the placement of a 730 foot long ore carrier and several barges along the waterfront on Bayshore Recycling Corp.  property in the Raritan River.  The ore carrier would be used for storage and some pre-treatment of dredged material before the material is offloaded and transported upland for further processing.  The pilot project involves state and federal funding to develop innovative ways to treat contaminated dredge materials.  Four treatment technologies will be tested.  COA supports the responsible management of dredged material by the utilization of dredged material treatment processes, but there are still several important questions that need to be addressed regarding this particular project.  For this reason, we have arranged a meeting with Bayshore Recycling, NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and NJ Department of Transportation/Maritime Resources (NJ DOT/MR) officials and local and regional environmental and community organizations.  The meeting will provide the agencies with an opportunity to reach out to the community and include them in the process.

Power Play: Neptune Regional Transmission Project

A project that would divert power from New Jersey to Long Island, NY has taken a step forward.  Neptune Regional Transmission Systems submitted a new permit application to NJDEP which modifies the previous application to bury a 51-mile long submarine electric cable from a substation in Sayreville, NJ to Jones Beach, NY.  The project’s latest modifications increase the volume of dredged material by 73,095 cubic yards and impacts the Ambrose Channel side slopes that provide valuable winter flounder, blue crab, lobster, and shellfish habitat.  COA submitted comments to NJDEP expressing concerns and opposition to the project.

Beach Bummed: Atlantic Highlands Marina Dredging Project

Sediment sample analysis is complete for the proposed dredging of the Atlantic Highlands Marina.  COA urged NJDEP to conduct methodical sampling of sediments to identify possible beneficial uses of the material such as beach replenishment.  Unfortunately, the sediment did not meet the 90% sand requirement for beach placement and the city will be placing all 51,000 cubic yards into their confined disposal facility (CDF).  Although this particular project is unsuitable for beach use, characterization of sediments needs to be continued on future projects to allow for beneficial reuse whenever possible.


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