Clean Ocean Action

Clean Ocean Advocate, September 2004

Kari Jermansen, 732-872-0111,

An Update

The wave of support for the Clean Ocean Zone (COZ) continues to roll in.  To date, 66 organizations in New York and New Jersey, 6 environmental commissions, and 19 municipalities in NJ have signed resolutions in support of the COZ.  The campaign, a project of COA, continues to seek broad support to help move the campaign forward.  In addition, thousands of citizens have signed petitions supporting the 10 points of the COZ. 


To schedule a presentation about the COZ to your organization, obtain petitions to gather signatures from family, friends, or co-workers, or learn how you can get your coastal municipality to sign onto the COZ, contact COA.  For information about the COZ and downloadable copies of COZ factsheets, resolutions, petitions, and a complete list of COZ supporters, visit


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