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Clean Ocean Advocate, April 2005


Featuring...Bayshore Saltwater Flyrodders

     Since COA is hosting a fishing tournament this month, it seems fitting to highlight the Bayshore Saltwater Flyrodders (BSF), a local fishing group supporting COA for 10 years.  BSF’s goal is to introduce fly fishing to people of all ages and to educate them by sharing knowledge of casting, fly tying, finding fish, and having fun doing it.

     Robby Barradale, BSF’s current president, organized the group in early 1995, recognizing local interest in fly fishing along the shores of Raritan and Sandy Hook Bays.  The club started off slowly, but it has grown into an active group of 75 members who share information and techniques, enjoy the camaraderie of club-organized fishing excursions, as well as running charter trips for family members who lost loved ones on 9/11.  In addition, BSF offers “Kids Kamp,” a program held at Sandy Hook that includes hands-on activities related to identifying marine life in the Bay and fly fishing.

     The club organizes fundraisers, fly-fishing trips throughout the tri-state area, fly tying sessions, and other outings.  Also, BSF maintains an up-to-date book and video library for all experience levels of flyrodders, covering all subjects related to the sport of saltwater fly fishing.

     BSF is a regular contributor to several fishing, conservation, and environmental organizations.  Regarding the club’s involvement with COA, Robby stated, “COA’s work for a cleaner ocean directly affects us.  Clean water means more fish to learn about and to play with.  Water quality has a direct correlation to what we catch.”

     BSF meets every second Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm in Highlands at the VFW Hall on Bay Street.  Non-members are welcome to attend.  For more information about BSF, visit their website at


Contributions by Robby Barradale

Adapted from BSF website


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