Clean Ocean Action

Clean Ocean Advocate, March 2005

Working to Empower Citizens

Clean Ocean Action (COA) is working on creating an exciting new program that will empower citizens and environmental groups to improve and protect water quality in the state of New Jersey.  Many citizens troubled by local development, land use decisions, and problems regarding compliance and enforcement of master plans and environmental regulations that impact water quality may feel overwhelmed and helpless because they do not know how to get involved, or even that they have a right to participate in the planning, decision-making, and enforcement process.  Citizen groups and organizations may already be involved, but may not know how, for example, to access pertinent public information, document evidence of non-compliance, present testimony before municipal planning boards, or submit expert reports or comments for agency action.


By establishing and implementing water advocacy training workshops throughout the state, this program’s objective is to arm citizens with the knowledge, skills, and tools to successfully influence decision-making and affect policies that may impact water quality.  The workshops will be held regionally several times per year on a variety of subjects and topics regarding water quality advocacy.  The format of the workshops is yet to be determined, but will likely include presentations from experienced environmental advocates and lawyers and simulations where participants will role-play.


This past February, COA hired Judy Weinstock to create and carry out a strategic work plan to design the program and determine its viability.  Ms. Weinstock is an environmental attorney who worked as a visiting clinical assistant professor at Rutgers Environmental Law Clinic from 2002-2004, and has experience representing citizen groups and environmental organizations on a variety of environmental issues.  Specifically, Ms. Weinstock will research and assess the environmental community’s particular needs and interest in advocacy training, provide a basic program design that would address those needs and interests, determine the cost of initiating and running the program, and investigate potential resources and commitments for funding the program on an ongoing basis.


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