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Coastal Creature Feature, December 2007

     The October Creature was the North Atlantic right whale.  This whale is highly endangered, with an estimated 350 whales surviving today.  Entanglement in marine debris and fishing gear, collisions with boat traffic, and habitat destruction are the primary threats to their survival.  Scientists and government officials in the US and Canada are working with the shipping and fishing industries to set policy that will allow right whales and humans to coexist.  Congratulations to Aimee Roderiques of West Booth Bay Harbor, ME, for being selected from a pool of correct entries. 



     December Creature: During the coming winter months, when temperatures in their North Atlantic breeding grounds begin to fall, this species migrates to more southern locations, including the NJ coast.  In the United States this creature, sometimes called a “sea dog,” is no longer threatened by hunters and now enjoys the recovery of some of their favorite foods, like sea herring.  To enter for a chance to win a COA T-shirt, complete the form below or send your guess by mail, or fax (18 Hartshorne Dr., Suite 2, Highlands, NJ 07732; 732-872-8041).  Entries will be accepted until mid-January for this creature.  The winner will be announced in the February 2008 Clean Ocean Advocate.


(Coastal Creature Feature appears every other month in the Clean Ocean Advocate.)


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