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Clean Ocean Advocate, December 2008


The October creature was a finwhale, which is among the fastest of the great whales.  Two finwhale carcasses washed-up on New Jersey beaches this summer: a 55-foot finwhale at Island Beach State Park (cause of death - uncertain), and a 49-foot finwhale in Long Branch (cause of death - struck by ship).  Fishing gear and ship strikes are the leading causes of mortality of endangered whales.  COA received a record number of guesses on this creature feature from around the country.  Congratulations to Tim Winslow of Lexington, SC, who was chosen randomly from a large tide pool of correct entries!

December Creature: This marine bivalve is among the smallest of its kind, measuring up to only five millimeters (1/5 of an inch).  Its surface has a reddish-purple coloration and can be either smooth and round or glossy with ridges.  It lives in fine-sands along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.  It is a filter feeder that eats diatoms and detritus from the water.  For a chance to win a COA T-shirt, send your guess to Judge Jewel B. Valve by mail or fax (18 Hartshorne Dr., Suite 2, Highlands, NJ 07732; 732-872-8041).  One entry per person, please.


The Coastal Creature Feature winner will be announced in the February 2009 newsletter.



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