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Clean Ocean Advocate, August 2004

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Seaweed Rebellion Unleashed

Last month, 250 seaweed rebels, citizen activists, and educators, representing 170 organizations from more than 25 states and territories gathered to build a strong network of bottom-up seaweed (marine grassroots) activists and groups to promote comprehensive coastal and ocean protection legislation and policies.  The Blue Vision conference, organized by the Blue Frontier Campaign, included appearances by marine conservationist and Jaws author, Peter Benchley, and Philippe Cousteau, grandson of the great Jacques Cousteau.  


Jim Connaughton, Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, and Roger Ballentine, Presidential Candidate John Kerry’s senior advisor on energy and the environment, presented their positions on coastal and ocean issues.  Representatives from the US Commission on Ocean Policy and the Pew Oceans Commission reviewed findings of their comprehensive report on the ocean.  Numerous panel-led discussions focused on issues including pollution reduction, ocean governance, and action at the local, "seaweed" level.


On the last conference day, seaweed rebels met with US Senators and Representatives from their respected states on Capital Hill.  The groups from New Jersey, including COA, Waterspirit, and the Shark Research Institute, met with Senator Lautenberg (D-NJ) and staff, Senator Corzine’s (D-NJ) staff, Representative Holt (D-12) and staff, and staff from the offices of Representatives Andrews (D-1), LoBiondo (R-2), Saxton (R-3), Smith (R-4), and Pallone (D-6).  The topics discussed with these elected officials included ratifying the Law of the Sea, restoring funding for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and a law to properly establish NOAA, and locally, the Clean Ocean Zone.


To recognize leaders in the blue movement, six citizens from academia, the media, and groups received the first annual Blue Frontier Awards.  In particular, the "Hero of the Seas" Award, was given to seaweed rebel Dery Bennett (pictured to the right, in center with arm raised), president of COA’s Board of Trustees.  COA’s Cindy Zipf presented the award using photographs of Dery and his invaluable contributions to a seaweed movement.


For more information about the conference, participants, award recipients, photographs, or about Blue Frontier, visit

COA To Be Cool & Dry

Cabelas outdoor outfitters donated two "EZ-Up Sierra Instant Shelters" with accessories for use at festivals and C.O.A.S.T. events. We are grateful for their support of our outreach programs.  Our volunteers will now be better protected from the sun and rain that often accompanies outdoor events.



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