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Clean Ocean Advocate, October 2004

Volunteering is for the Birds

The National Atmospheric and Ocean Administration Office of Response and Restoration and the NY/NJ Baykeeper are teaming up with SEANET (The Seabird Ecological Assessment Network) to help perform beached bird surveys that will identify and record information about bird mortality along the northeastern US coast.  These surveys will also help detect mass mortality events such as oil spills. 


Volunteers are needed to carry out these surveys, which will start in spring 2005.  SEANET volunteers will walk a designated stretch of beach approximately twice per month and record location information, date, conditions, and if they find a bird carcass, details on the specimen are recorded, including basic measurements and condition.  Volunteer training workshops are scheduled for October 1 (1PM or 3:30PM) and 2 (9AM or 11:30AM) at the James J. Howard Marine Sciences Laboratory, Sandy Hook.  To attend these sessions or to volunteer, contact Megan Callus at 732-888-9870 or


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