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Clean Ocean Advocate, February 2005


Featuring...Communication Workers of America, Local 1034

Communication Workers of America (CWA), Local 1034 reflects the diversity of COA as one of the original sponsoring organizations of COA.  CWA 1034 remains an active Participating Organization today.


CWA 1034 is a labor union that represents 16,000 public workers in New Jersey and Delaware at the state, county, and municipal levels of government, as well as workers in health care and the private sector.  The union includes employees from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, county park systems, wastewater treatment plants, and public works and health departments.  Local 1034 is the largest public sector local within NJ and the single largest local in CWA’s International Union.  


The union helps public employees “gain rights and respect on the job.”  CWA 1034’s Organizing Department promotes employees’ legal rights to organize with co-workers for better wages, benefits, and protections in the workplace.


Tom Fagan, a staff representative, has been involved with COA since the early days and convinced other labor unions to support  and join efforts to fight ocean pollution.  Tom is a member of the COA Board of Trustees and an active NJ wreck diver.


When asked why the union joined COA, Tom said, “Our members swim in the same ocean as everyone else.  A clean ocean is necessary for our quality of life in this region, creating jobs in the tourism, recreation, fishing, and diving industries.”


CWA 1034 has participated in several COA campaigns over the years including the Ocean Defense Campaign and the newest, the Clean Ocean Zone.  Members of the labor union attend public hearings to fight ocean polluting projects and relate the health of the ocean to their everyday lives. 


CWA 1034 has several offices throughout the state, including its main office in Trenton (where they provide office space to the NJ Environmental Federation) and a regional office in Red Bank, which served as a meeting place for the COA Board since the 1980s. 


For information about CWA 1034, call (609) 530-0060 or visit


Contributions by Tom Fagan

Adapted from CWA 1034 website


49 Avenel Blvd.
Long Branch, NJ 07740

Field Office:

Gateway National Recreation Area
Sandy Hook, New Jersey

Voice: (732) 872-0111
FAX: (732) 872-8041

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