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Clean Ocean Advocate, July 2005


  Featuring...Staten Island Tuna Club

     One of the many fishing clubs that are active COA Participating Organizations is the Staten Island Tuna Club.  The club has been in the coalition since the early 1990s, working on issues to improve water quality for tuna and other fish.

     The Staten Island Tuna Club, with a membership of 70, was formed in the 1950s to fish for tuna and build camaraderie and competition with members and between other clubs.  Club members primarily fish for tuna, but over the years gained interest in fishing for other fish.  Now the club organizes their own fluke, tuna, bass, and bluefish tournaments.  They also have fishing programs and sponsor the participation of other fishing clubs’ in tournaments.  In addition, the club teams-up with other local organizations and supports fishing days for children with autism and children from troubled families.

     Club members became steadfast advocates for clean water and have taken action on issues that threaten water quality.  For years, the club fought against the dumping of toxic mud at the old Mud Dump Site, now the Historic Area Remediation Site (HARS).  Club members attended meetings and hearings and pushed for the end of ocean dumping.  The club also rallied to fight a proposed containment island in Lower New York Bay for the disposal of wastes.

     “Staten Island Tuna Club is in favor of a clean ocean,” said John Malizia, Vice President of the club.  “We need clean water to allow fish to propagate.”

     Currently, the club is acting to lock-in the progress made in improving ocean water quality by supporting the Clean Ocean Zone (COZ) and being represented on the committee to develop the legislation to designate the COZ.

     The club meets the first Wednesday of the month at 8PM at the Great Kills Yacht Club.  To RSVP to attend a meeting or for more information about the club and its events, contact John at 718-984-3653 or


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