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Clean Ocean Advocate, June 2005


Featuring...Fishermen’s Dock Cooperative

     Commercial fishing in New Jersey is a multi-billion dollar industry.  This industry depends on a clean ocean, and the Fishermen’s Dock Cooperative in Point Pleasant Beach has been an active participant in the fight against ocean pollution since COA’s early days.

     The Co-op (as it is known locally) is one of two active fishing cooperatives in NJ.  Incorporated in the early 1950s, many of the Co-op members are third or fourth generation commercial fishermen. 

     The fleet’s fishing activities are primarily in local waters of the NY Bight.   The major species sought are fluke, squid, silver and red hake, and scallops.  While most of the Co-op member’s harvest is sold to wholesale markets in the Mid-Atlantic states and Southern New England, a significant amount makes its way directly to the seafood market and restaurant adjacent to the dock on Channel Drive.

     Recognizing the relationship between clean water and their livelihood as commercial fishermen, the Co-op has taken action against proposals to dump harmful materials in the ocean.  From stopping contaminated muck and sewage sludge being dumped off NJ’s coast to supporting the Clean Ocean Zone, the Co-op continues to be a champion for the ocean.

     “It’s plain and simple.  There is no fishing industry without a clean ocean,” said James Lovgren, a member of the Co-op’s Board of Directors.

     In addition to taking action to improve ocean water quality, the Co-op, Garden State Seafood Association, and the Lovgren family donated seafood to COA’s Family Luau for the Ocean.

     For more information, call the Co-op at 732-899-1872, call the market at 732-899-2211, or stop by 57 Channel Drive in Pt. Pleasant Beach.

Adapted from FishNet USA and Garden State Seafood Association websites


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