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Clean Ocean Advocate, March 2006


Featuring...Natural Resources Protective Association

     Polluters beware: the Natural Resources Protective Association (NRPA) is on the lookout.  The NRPA is a consortium of conservation groups, yacht clubs, sportsmen clubs, environmental groups, and concerned citizens.  Established in 1977 by the late legendary bayman Lou Figurelli, NRPA’s 350 members are dedicated to the protection of the marine environment of Raritan Bay, Lower New York Harbor, and the NY/NJ Bight. 


     Over the years, and still today, NRPA has fought numerous attempts by the US Army Corps of Engineers to fill burrow pits in Lower Bay with toxic dredged material, despite NRPA’s evidence of thousands of fish in the pits.  Also, NRPA works to establish public access to the shores, and takes actions to stop pollution in the region. 


     As most of us know, coastal waters are awash in land-based pollution.  The NRPA fights improper and over-development on Staten Island and the impacts on water quality, such as increased stormwater runoff.  Recently, NRPA helped establish “blue belts” in Staten Island, which are wetland corridors that more naturally manage stormwater runoff.


     NRPA carries on their tradition of working with groups and continues their affiliation with dozens of organizations in the region, including Clean Ocean Action (COA).  NRPA supports the Clean Ocean Zone (COZ) and is working to finalize the legislation.


     “Our main focus is to fight pollution, be it through the media, events, telephone calls, and letter-writing,” said Jim Scarcella, NRPA President.  “The NRPA is proud to partner with organizations like COA to protect our marine environment.  All of us have a tremendous stake in the protection of one of the Earth’s best resources.”


     NRPA is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers.  For more information about NRPA, visit or call (718) 987-6037.


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Voice: (732) 872-0111
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