Clean Ocean Action

Clean Ocean Advocate, May 2006

Sea Scenes

     To launch this new column, “Sea Scenes,” COA celebrates the work of a dedicated volunteer.  Last month, Ingrid Justick (left) was recognized as an extraordinary volunteer at the Volunteer Center of Monmouth County luncheon.  Ingrid has volunteered hundreds of hours to COA for over 10 years, speaking to thousands of people at exhibits, writing countless letters to elected officials and agencies, collecting thousands of petition signatures, and raising funds.  Also, she has volunteered for numerous fundraisers, soliciting, gathering, and presenting hundreds of gift auction items, and selling innumerable raffle tickets.  Ingrid’s volunteer efforts continue today.  She gives time, effort, and enthusiasm to COA and other organizations. 

     Further, Ingrid writes and distributes her own newsletter, “Our Environment,” with helpful tips to live more environmentally friendly and healthy.  These tips will appear on the mailing panel of the Clean Ocean Advocate starting this month.  She also is the author of “Ingrid’s Corner” in NJ Holistic Magazine.  Ingrid maintains an organic garden at her home, forgoes the use of chemicals, and uses environmentally friendly alternatives.

     Ingrid inspires people to change their own behavior to improve the environment and protect it for future generations.  COA sincerely thanks our friend, Ingrid, for her service to a cleaner ocean.


(Sea Scenes, a new feature, will appear every other month in the Clean Ocean Advocate.)


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