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Raritan Bay-Sandy Hook Bay Dredge Management Forum

     On November 10, the Bayshore Regional Watershed Council (BRWC) hosted a public forum in Atlantic Highlands to discuss the development of a regional dredged material management plan in the Raritan Bay-Sandy Hook Bay area.  The forum was well-attended by local citizens from towns on the Bayshore.  Speakers for the evening included Commissioner Bradley Campbell, NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP); Genevieve Boehm, NJ Department of Transportation (NJDOT) - Office of Maritime Resources; Cindy Zipf, COA; Valerie Montecalvo, Bayshore Recycling Corporation; and, Michael Sinnema, Tom Rospos, and Joe McGinty from Birdsall Engineering.

     Each speaker presented insight into the need for regional solutions for the current dredging problems and ways in which their expertise may be useful for the development of a regional plan.  In his remarks, NJDEP Commissioner Campbell stated, “I want to really encourage this effort, because it is the right way to approach [dredging] on a short-term and long-term basis.”

     Members of the public raised important issues and expressed concerns about the implementation of a plan.  However, the consensus was to move forward with creating a regional plan.  According to Joe Reynolds, co-chair of BRWC, “The next step will be to review the information and public input received during the forum.  From there, I would like to go about acquiring grant funds to complete a dredge management study for the Bayshore region that will analyze the dredging needs in the bay, list possible Confined Disposal Facility (CDF) sites to manage the material, and catalog all the potential, cost-effective uses for the dredged material from the Bayshore.”

Update: Oyster Creek Draft Pollution Discharge Permit

     The deadline to submit comments was extended to November 21, 2005.   COA drafted comments in conjunction with American Littoral Society and Save Barnegat Bay for submission to NJDEP.  Several other organizations and individuals signed onto the comments.  Please visit our website and follow the links for Oyster Creek under Issues & Campaigns for more information, including a detailed Position Paper.

Dredging in Atlantic Highlands Harbor Resumes

     The Atlantic Highlands Municipal Harbor recently submitted a permit modification request to NJDEP to modify their existing dredge permit.  The request is to incorporate the recently re-designed Confined Disposal Facility (CDF) and include dredging of approximately 4,000 cubic yards of material from Frank’s Pier, which was previously authorized by another permit that has since expired.

     After substantial modifications to the CDF, dredging began during the week of November 7.  COA will continue to communicate with NJDEP about the project to ensure that it proceeds in an environmentally sound manner.


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