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Featuring...Alliance for a Living Ocean

     Celebrating its 18th birthday this year, Alliance for a Living Ocean (ALO) is a leading defender of waters surrounding Long Beach Island, NJ.  ALO is a citizens group committed to ending contamination of NJ’s coastal waters.  Their mission is “to promote and maintain clean water and a healthy coastal environment through education, research and active participation.”  The organization recognizes the need to manage the watershed, bay, and ocean holistically since all water flows from “the raindrop to the ocean.”

     ALO’s recent efforts focus on pollution discharge from Oyster Creek Nuclear Generation Station, advocating the removal of drums of chemicals in a leaking landfill owned by Ciba Geigy, fighting the “Fast Track” law, and stopping non-point source pollution. 

     In addition, for the past ten years, ALO volunteers have been monitoring coastal waters in Ocean County, NJ.  The “Barnegat BayWatch Monitoring Program” is run by more than 50 volunteers, who monitor Barnegat Bay waters from Manasquan to Tuckerton, to establish baseline conditions and assess water quality. 

     ALO and COA have worked closely  over the years to stop ocean pollution. 

     “In addition to supporting each other on issues, one of the best things about being a COA participating organization is the sharing of information that is based on science,” said Larrell Brown, ALO Issues Chair and past president. 

     Currently, ALO is an active supporter of the Clean Ocean Zone and continues to galvanize citizens, elected officials, and municipalities to support this campaign to permanently protect NJ’s marine waters from pollution.

     For information about ALO or to become a member or volunteer, call (609) 492-0222, or visit

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49 Avenel Blvd.
Long Branch, NJ 07740

Field Office:

Gateway National Recreation Area
Sandy Hook, New Jersey

Voice: (732) 872-0111
FAX: (732) 872-8041

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