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Clean Ocean Advocate, February 2006

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(Bottom) The cold and the brave: (back row, L-R) John Croddick, Joe Whalen, John Burgess (“Goofy”), Dennis Nitka, and Steve Brennan; front row, L-R) Jack Curran, Stephen Brennan, Bridget Curran, Shea Brennan, and Kevin Brennan


Plunging into the New Year

     The fabulous stalwarts of the Sons of Ireland made quite the splash (see left photo above) on New Year’s Day during their Third Annual Polar Bear Plunge into the Atlantic at Donovan’s Reef in Sea Bright.  Participants included all ages, as well as special costumed guests Winnie the Pooh, Goofy, and Wolverine.  Funds raised by the event will be donated to several nonprofit organizations, including COA. 

     “Clean Ocean Action, Michael’s Feat, The Wellness Community, and Epiphany House are this year’s recipients and seemed to reflect the spirit of the plunge itself,” said Margaret Nitka, Rumson. 

     Waves of thanks to the brave souls who plunged into the New Year and supported a cleaner ocean at this exciting SEAsonal event.

S.W. Fish Going Swimmingly

     To date, COA’s S.W. Fish (Salt Water Fish) Annual Appeal has raised over $10,000.  Donations will support COA’s operating and program expenses in 2006. 

     S.W. Fish investors receive an official Ocean Stock Certificate and a lapel pin featuring our fishcal representative S.W. Fish (see image to right).  To make an annual donation to S.W. Fish, please call Jennifer.

     Special thanks to Patrick McCarthy of Jersey Shorescapes for donating the mailing’s beautiful cover photo, “Before Daylight, Avon, NJ.”  For more of Patrick’s photos, visit

Calling All Businesses

     COA is gearing up for the 21st Annual Beach Sweeps.  This spring and summer, COA will partner with businesses across the region to motivate their employees to take important actions to stop ocean pollution.  During the Sweeps, employee teams collect important data that will be used by COA to advocate for a cleaner ocean.  The Corporate Beach Sweeps make the important connection between the health of our ocean and the growth and health of our economy and tourism industry.  Only with the help of caring and motivated businesses and citizens will healthy recreational and economic activities continue to flourish in the region.  For more information contact Jennifer Smiga.


“Understanding Good Citizenship”

February 24, 6AM EST*

April 21, 6AM EST

The Learning Channel (TLC)

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Featuring: COA’s 2005 Fall Beach Sweeps

Produced by: Tapestry International, Sea Bright, NJ

*COA previously noted the program would air in January.


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