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Clean Ocean Advocate, February 2006

COA PARTICIPATING ORGANIZATIONS Featuring...Garden Club of New Jersey

     Can you say Spartina alterniflora?  The members of the Garden Club of NJ (GCNJ) not only can say it, but know the vast importance of this salt marsh grass species along the NJ coast.  The GCNJ is a federation of Garden Clubs founded in 1925, and a Charter Member of National Garden Clubs, Inc.  GCNJ serves over 5,500 members in 120 clubs in the state. 

     The GCNJ “provides education, resources, and opportunities for adult and youth members to expand the love of gardening and floral design and encourages active participation in civic, environmental, and historic preservation projects to protect the past for the future.”

     In addition to coordinating the interests of member clubs, GCNJ aids in the protection and conservation of our natural resources.  The member clubs cooperate with other groups furthering the interests of conservation and horticulture, and support educational, charitable and scientific causes.

     As such, individual clubs became involved with COA during the early days of the campaign to stop ocean dumping and have remained strong supporters. 

     At the time, Wini Applegate was the Environmental Awareness Chairman on the GCNJ Board and led the member clubs in actions to help the ocean. 

     “Water is the most important natural resource that we have,” said Wini Applegate, also past GCNJ President.  “It is up to everyone of us to promote and educate members of our communities on good water practices.  It is our responsibility to preserve clean water for our grandchildren.”

     Wini is now Chairman of the Environmental Studies Schools of National Garden Clubs, Inc., and a new member of COA’s Board of Trustees.

     The GCNJ hosts environmental, youth, garden education, garden therapy, and horticulture programs, including rain gardens, and offers scholarships.  For information about GCNJ, visit


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