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Clean Ocean Advocate, October 2005


Featuring...The NJ Beach Buggy Association


The New Jersey Beach Buggy Association (NJBBA) is a long-time COA Participating Organization.  NJBBA’s many objectives include: encouraging and promoting good sportsmanship and upholding conservation laws, and engaging in studies and disseminating information relating to marine waters, marine species, and beach travel operations.


NJBBA’s members also participate in projects to help preserve and conserve the marine and coastal resources along the New Jersey coast, such as the Adopt-a-Beach program and the installation of fencing to secure dunes.  NJBBA also joins forces with other organizations that share similar missions.  


“NJBBA is concerned with the marine and coastal environment and through our affiliation with COA, we are better equipped to stay on top of current environmental issues,” said Reb Gilliland, President of NJBBA.


For example, NJBBA engaged its members in the 2000 “Dump No More—March For the Shore” campaign to stop ocean dumping.  Also, during COA’s Beach Sweeps, NJBBA members collect and remove trash using their vehicles that is difficult for volunteers on foot to handle.  


In addition, NJBBA celebrates National Hunting and Fishing Day each year by inviting a group of less fortunate kids to the beach for a day of fun, fishing, and fellowship.  Also, NJBBA leads a clinic/tournament that gets kids “hooked on fishing, not on drugs.”  


NJBBA conducts a beach driving education program that is free and open to both members and nonmembers.  The organization also assists with the surf fishing program at Island Beach State Park and instructs newcomers on the how’s and why’s of surf fishing.


For more information about NJBBA, visit

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49 Avenel Blvd.
Long Branch, NJ 07740

Field Office:

Gateway National Recreation Area
Sandy Hook, New Jersey

Voice: (732) 872-0111
FAX: (732) 872-8041

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