Clean Ocean Action

Clean Ocean Advocate, October 2005

UPDATE: Asbury Park Litigation

     On March 15, 2005, COA filed a Petition for Certification to the Supreme Court of New Jersey on its case – In re NJPDES Permit No. NJ0025241.  The case involves the denial by NJDEP of COA’s request for a third party hearing on the issuance of a New Jersey Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NJPDES) permit for the City of Asbury Park.  At press time, the case was to be heard in the NJ Supreme Court on September 27.  Susan Kraham, Staff Attorney of the Rutgers Environmental Law Clinic, will be arguing the case.


Ocean Dischargers and Beneficial Reuse Draft Permits

     The NJDEP issued two draft NJPDES permits to wastewater facilities that discharge to the ocean, which include conditions for reclaimed water for beneficial reuse.  The draft permits are for Lower Township Municipal Utility Authority (MUA) and Cape May City Regional Water Treatment Facility (WTF) in Lower Township, Cape May County.  Effluent or treated wastewater from both of these facilities is ultimately discharged to the ocean via the Wildwood/Lower Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility.  The Lower Township MUA is authorized to reuse treated and disinfected wastewater for spray irrigation at Ponder Lodge Golf Course.  Cape May City Regional WTF is interested in reusing its effluent for on-site irrigation purposes.  COA will review and comment on both permits as ocean dischargers and potential sites for beneficial reuse.

     Unfortunately, these draft permits are proceeding without a NJDEP Water Reuse Program or a formal regulatory framework.  Reuse of wastewater can be a great way to conserve potable water supplies and prevent water shortages during droughts.  However, health, safety, and environmental degradation can occur without proper precautions.  COA researched New Jersey’s and other states’ water reuse programs and created a Position Paper on Beneficial Reuse of Wastewater.  COA submitted this paper to NJDEP, along with our recommendations for New Jersey’s water reuse plan.  Visit our website for more information and the Position Paper.


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