Clean Ocean Action

Clean Ocean Advocate, September 2005

Artificial Reef Monitoring Program

     COA is working with the NJ Council of Dive Clubs and NJ Historical Divers Association to develop an artificial reef monitoring program using volunteer divers.  Richard Stockton College of NJ expressed interest in participating in the program with the school’s underwater research course.  The main objective of the program is to monitor subway cars for their durability and effectiveness as artificial reef material.  The first meeting on August 11 (see agenda) included discussion of possible monitoring locations and strategies.  Also, several needs, including volunteer divers, boat time, and equipment, were identified.   A second meeting is scheduled for mid-September, with the date, time, and location still to be determined.  Divers that are interested in assisting in the program, should contact Jennifer Samson at (732) 872-0111 or


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