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Two Phases of Improving Wreck Pond Under Review

     COA submitted comments to the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) on two-phases of the proposed multi-phase plan to restore Wreck Pond: the dredging of sand and the pipe outfall extension.  NJDEP has repeatedly stated that each phase will provide only part of the solution, suggesting significant improvements in water quality in and around Wreck Pond will only be possible if all phases of the project are implemented. 

     Currently, the public has only had the opportunity to evaluate and comment on sand dredging and the extension of the outfall pipe.  See COA’s website (“Issues & Campaigns”) for our complete comments. 

     Unfortunately, detailed plans and funding for the other phases are unknown and, as such, COA also questioned how the public can assess the merits of the entire project without the opportunity to review all phases at the same time.


Shark River Regional Dredged Material Management Plan

     The Shark River Bay Environmental Planning Committee held a press conference on August 8 to release the “Draft Dredged Material Management Plan for Shark River Bay.”  The report is posted on  The Committee also hosted a “community-wide open forum” on August 16 to accept comments on the draft plan and will present the final plan on September 14.

     COA reviewed the draft plan and although COA supports regional dredged material management, the draft falls short of being a comprehensive regional dredged material management plan.  A comprehensive plan, at minimum, would assess the region’s dredging needs, characterize the material to be dredged, and identify a range of alternatives based on the quantity and quality of the material.  The draft plan does not provide these details.

     Further, the draft plan is disheartening in that it lists COA as an organization that “coordinated and consulted” with others to produce the draft plan.  Rather, COA attended meetings to receive information about the concept of a plan, but did not coordinate and consult with the Committee in producing the draft.  COA requested that our name be removed from any and all drafts of the plan regarding the coordination of the draft, which is being addressed.

     COA remains open to discuss ways to move forward with regional dredged material management for the Shark River Bay that includes extensive public involvement and developing a plan that would be environmentally sound and meet the dredging needs of the region.  Click here to view COA's comments.


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