Clean Ocean Action

Clean Ocean Advocate, April 2006

Oil & Gas Drilling Proposal Imperils Jersey Shore -- Citizen Action Needed

     Citizens must act now to protect our coasts.  A new plan for 2007-2012 by the federal Minerals Management Service (MMS) would open offshore areas protected for 25 years to offshore oil and gas drilling.  The MMS proposal includes plans for offshore driling off the coast of Virginia, less than 100 miles from the Jersey Shore.

     Beaches and coastal waters are threatened.  The nation’s shorelines are vacation destinations for millions of Americans each year, and the economic lifeline for coastal communities fueled by tourism and commercial and recreational fishing. 

     Oil and gas drilling creates excessive amounts of waste and debris.  This waste often contains lead and mercury.  Other pollutants, such as benzene, arsenic, zinc, and some radioactive materials are routinely released during drilling.  Also, seismic surveys are harmful to marine mammals.  If the MMS plan is approved, oil and gas drilling could become a reality along the shores of more coastal states. 

     You can help!  Public comments to MMS are due April 11 and can be submitted online at, or mailed to: Renee Orr, 5-Years Program Manager, Minerals Management Service (MS-4010), Room 3120, 381 Elden Street, Herndon, Virginia 20170. 

     Also, organizations are urged to sign onto COA’s comments to MMS.  COA strongly supports permanent protection from oil and gas drilling for our beaches and coastal waters.  To sign on, please contact Nicole at COA by April 10.


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