Clean Ocean Action

Clean Ocean Advocate, August 2005

Coordinated Environmental Action Comes to Long Beach Island

     The Environmental Commission of Long Beach Island recently added two new towns - Beach Haven and Long Beach Township.  The Committee is now comprised of all 6 Long Beach Island towns, the first of its kind in New Jersey.  Long Beach Township’s participation in the Committee is critical as it is the largest municipality and splintered geographically throughout the island.  A more coordinated effort on environmental issues is certainly good news for the island.

Far and Wide

     Even though COA’s work is focused on protecting the waters off the New York/New Jersey region, Barbara Bennett, COA’s Volunteer Projects Coordinator, has received emails and mailed inquiries from across the globe requesting our free educational resources such as the “Pointless Pollution Kit” and “Ten Tips Cards”.  Requests from government officials, educators, and citizens from Central and South America, Inner Mongolia, Morocco, Pakistan, England, India, and Portugal have proved that COA’s work is far reaching and inspiring.  For more information on our globetrotting, or to request free educational materials, contact Barbara at, or visit COA’s website.


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