Clean Ocean Action

Debris Free Sea Conference



In Honor of the 30th Annual Beach Sweeps


Wednesday, November 11th at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, NJ (Warner Student Life Center).


The conference was a one-day symposium, highlighting the success of the Beach Sweeps program, the ocean advocates involved, and the data that has resulted. In addition, the conference discussed the larger issue of marine debris as it relates to science, policy, education and citizen action. 



Debris Free Seas Program

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Didn't have the opportunity to attend the conference? You can view the presentations below! 


State, Sources, and Impacts of Marine Debris


 Bloomberg Analysis of Beach Sweeps' Data 

 Why do people litter? A social science perspective.  


Is biodegradable plastic an oxymoron? 

 Single Use Solutions 

Applying Citizen Science to Help Solve Problems

Educating to Reduce the Marine Debris Epidemic



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