Clean Ocean Action

A Lesson in Watershed Mindfulness

This activity will demonstrate how water flows from your property to local waterways in your community, downstream, and eventually to the ocean. You will determine how your home/building/property fits into a watershed by learning your watershed address. Everyone has a street address, as well as a watershed address. Using the latest powerful GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping tools, we can better understand how water flows all around us and how it can easily become contaminated. Small changes in human habits can go a long way to improve water quality on its journey to the ocean.

Sample water address: 242 Adelphia Rd, Farmingdale, NJ --> Yellow Brook --> Manasquan River --> Atlantic Ocean

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”Know Your Water Address” is developed by Clean Ocean Action (COA) and may be copied, distributed or shared. Its use is encouraged with COA citation.  For more Watershed Mindfulness education resources, contact Clean Ocean Action at or 732-872-0111.


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